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We believe that honesty and mutual trust is important for any venture to be successful. We try to create an environment in our team where ideas get nurtured. Innovation and striving to create something unique everytime drives us to work harder.

Architecture impacts people, surroundings, and communities and we want to make sure it brings people closer. Our goal has always been to provide a sustainable environment which makes lives easy for our clients. A lot goes into architecture beyond what meets the eye. Our team tries to approach every project creatively that meets all the requirements of the clients. Clients' needs and goals are our highest priority. Our aim with every project is to create space that will adapt to the clients changing futuristic needs.

Building projects that are sustainable to our client and environment is very important to us. These factors matter a lot in the long term and directly impact the quality of life. We promote use of non-toxic materials that leave minimal impact on the surrounding and helps to sustain a healthy lifestyle.



We wanted to create a place with a diverse group of individuals where creativity flourished and innovative solutions were found. Our company’s motto from the start has been to create energy efficient solutions that leave minimal impact on the environment and enhance the quality of lives.



The company was found with the intent to create projects that were innovative and unique


First project

The design and structure approved by our first client was completed to our clients satisfaction.



We expanded our operations in two other cities. Our work family grew by 350 employees.


10 years of service

We celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our company with all our employees.


CSR programme

We started our scholarship programmes for young students as part of our CSR activity.


Worldwide expansion

We expanded our base internationally and set-up operations in other countries as well.


Roger Lubin


Building our house has always been our dream. We are very happy with how our house turned out.

Roger Lubin


They completely understood the vision that I had for my house and brought the pieces together beautifully.

Roger Lubin


Very happy with my house. They created modern spacious living that works very well for us.

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